• Is a health and social service provided safely at the client's home
  • Is excellent for a client who needs ongoing care for aged or chronic diseases

Homecare services may include skilled and non-skilled service:

Homecare services may include skilled and non-skilled service:

Skilled homecare service include IV and injections, wound care, post-surgical care, rehabilitation and medication administration. The service will be provided by licensed professionals.

Non-skilled homecare service include assistance with personal home care, personal hygienic services or chores. The service does not require a skilled or licensed professional.

Am I eligible for home care services?

You may be eligible for home care services if:

  • You need assistance for your home and personal cares because of aging
  • You have a recent hospitalization or outpatient surgery
  • You have a short or long term disability or a chronic disease

If you are not sure about your eligiblity for home care services, please feel free to contact us. We will assist you with the coordination for the services you need.

What is Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is a federally funded and administered program that provides health insurance for seniors and the disabled. Because Medicare is a federal program, the services are much the same throughout the United States.

Medicaid is a health insurance program financed jointly by the federal and state governments.  Each state sets its own guidelines, subject to federal rules and regulations.  Medicaid is available for low-income people of all ages.

Both Medicare and Medicaid have managed care plans in which members may be enrolled.  The individual plan manages all services for enrolled members.

Who will pay for home health care services?

Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies will cover some or all of the costs of home health cares. We can help you find out how your insurance plan will cover the homecare service.

Who provides home care services?

Licensed Home Health Service Agencies can provide home care services

  • Licensed Agencies will provide home care services to clients with private or long term care insurance with the option that you may pay it privately as you wish.

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What is home health care service?

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