Smart Homecare provides quality services for clients who prefer to receive health care or treatment at your own homes. For many people, leaving home for health cares could be a very difficult and complicated experience. At Smart, we give our clients the opportunity to receive health care service in the comfort of your own home so that you could enjoy a more satisfying homecare experience.

Our services include:


Skilled Nursing Service

Skilled Nursing Services will be provided by a licensed nursing professional and they may include:

  • Nursing Assessment 
  • Medication Administration
  • Tube feedings
  • Woud Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Patient Education and Home Health Aide Training

Infusion Service

Our High Teach infusion service is always provided by a licensed professional nurse:

  • Antimicrobial drugs
  • Factor replacement therapy for Hemophilla
  • Paranteral and Enteral Nutrition Immunglobulin, Intravenous and Subcutaneous
  • Hepatitis Therapy for liver transplant patients
  • Pain Management including intravenous and subcutaneous infusion
  • Steroids for multiple sclerosis
  • Maintainace and medication refills for implantable pumps
  • Midline and PICC care such as dressing change and removal 
  • Other injectable therapies such as vutamin B12, epogen, sandotadin LAR and neupogen

Home Health Aide & Personal Care Aide

A Home Health Aide is trained and certified to provide personal care for patients in their home. A Personal Care Aide has less training than a Home Health Aide and generally assists patients who are more indenpendent.

All aides follow assistive duties such as :

  • Personal hygiene
  • grooming
  • assistance with home exercise program
  • getting in and out of bed and walking

Physical Therapy 

The service provides by our Physical Therapist is designed to develop, retore and maintain excellent functional ability for our clients.

Physical Therapy Service may include:

  • Assessment 
  • Patient trainning in ambulation, gait and balance
  • Home Exercise Program and strengthening exercises
  • Range of motion

Occupational Therapy

An Occupational Therapist provides therapeutic activities designed to:

  • Improve, develope or restore physical functions lost as result of injury or illness
  • Learn daily living skills inclyding dressing, eating or bathing

Occupational Therapy Services may include:

  • Assessment 
  • Evaluation for specialized equiment
  • Hand Training
  • Patient training in homemaking, kitchen, activities, dressing and hygiene
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Work adjustment

Speech Therapy

Through the speech therapy, a Speech Language Pathologist helps for a client's speech, swallow difficulties and langauge needs.

Speech Therapy Service will include:

  • Assessment 
  • Voice Training
  • Oral communication skills
  • Dysphagia or difficulties for swallow

Respiratory Therapy

A respiratory Therapist will provide our clients evaluation, treatmet and management of patients with breathing disorders.

Respiratory Therapy Service may include:

  • Set up and monitor oxygen
  • Support a mechanical ventilator
  • Administer medications needed for respiratoru care
  • Perform tests to measure respiratory functions


An audiolosist diagonoses, evaluates, and treats hearing disorders and communication problems

Audiology Services will include:

  • Evaluation and diagnosis 
  • Hearing tests and screening
  • Prescribing and fitting of hearing aids
  • Treatment for balance disorders

Medical Social Worker

A Medical Social worker evaluates the social and emotional factors and illed and disabled client for counseling servies.

Social Work Service will include:

  • Linkage with community resources
  • Supportive counseling 
  • Grief coundseling
  • Assistance with adcance directives

Registered Nutritional Dietician

A Registered Dietician provides nutritional counseling to individuals who need guidance to property manage an illness or disability

Nutrional Service may include

  • Dietary Asessment
  • Development of specialized or modified diets for disbles and kidney disorders
  • Patient Education
  • Skilled Nursing Services
  • Infusion Services
  • Physical Therapy 
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy

Our Services

  • Audiology Services
  • Social Work Services
  • Nutritional Services
  • Home Health Aides/ Personal Care Aides
  • Homemaker & Housekeeper Services

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