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Smart Home Care is also a licensed career training school. The school has developed various training courses as follows:

Diagnostic Ultrasound Technology

This program is designed to provide students the essential knowledge and skills needed to operate ultrasound instruments for patient diagnosis. The program is structured for the following technical trainings: the cardiovascular diagnostic techniques, abdominal diagnostic techniques and vascular diagnostic techniques. Students will have opportunities to learn systematically for the related theories, concepts, and scanning practical techniques.

NCLEX-RN Exam Preparation

The program objective designed for this course is to provide students with comprehensive understanding of what is NCLEX-RN Exam and how to prepare and pass the exam. It will provide review for the exam including the structure and format of the exam, the identification of specific components of nursing contents and nursing procedures covered by the exam, and problem solving skills.

Hospital Charting Procedures

This course will teach students the complete charting procedures used at hospitals both for understanding and practices. It will discuss the topics including hospital structure and department functions, admission assessment, care plans and progress report, doctor's medication order patterns, transferring and discharge documentation, etc.


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